PureVision 2 Multifocal

PureVision 2 Multifocal


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PureVision2 For Presbyopia contact lenses provide clarity where it counts – in the real world. Do you strain to see your smartphone? How about your tablet or laptop? If you have presbyopia, you may be able to continue wearing contact lenses instead of switching to bifocals, or reading glasses. PureVision2 For Presbyopia lenses help maintain clear near, intermediate, and distance vision in real world conditions. These lenses feature a thin lens and rounded edge for comfort throughout the day.

The crystalline lens in your eyes naturally becomes more rigid and loses elasticity with time. With this loss of flexibility, your eyes are less able to adjust properly to focus on near objects. PureVision2 For Presbyopia contact lenses feature a design that helps your eyes focus and provides clear vision at all distances.



The Bausch + Lomb PureVision®2 for Presbyopia (balafilcon A) Visibility Tinted Contact Lens is indicated for daily wear or extended wear from 1 to 30 days between removals for cleaning and disinfection or disposal of the lens, as recommended by the eye care professional. The lens is indicated for the correction of refractive ametropia (myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism) and presbyopia in aphakic persons and/or not-aphakic persons with non-diseased eyes, exhibitingastigmatismof2.00dioptersorless,that does not interfere with visual acuity. The lens may
be prescribed for Frequent / Planned Replacement or Disposable Wear


Who Should Wear?

Breakthrough design made specifically for people who needs vision at all distances, near, far, and everywhere in-between


Designed for exceptional vision – 3-Zone Progressive Design provides incredible vision at all distances, near, far, and everywhere in-between

Thin, rounded edge – provides comfort throughout the day

Designed for flexibility – approved for extended wear up to 30 days

Visibility Tint

Product Information

Material: balafilcon A
Water Content: 36%
Oxygen Permeability: 91 x 10–11[cm3O2(STP) x cm]/(sec x cm2 x mmHg)
@ 35° C Polarographic Method
(Boundary and Edge Corrected)
101 x 10–11[cm3O2(STP) x cm]/(sec x cm2 x mmHg)
@ 35°C Polarographic Method
(Boundary Corrected, Non-Edge Corrected)
Power: +6.00D to -10.00D (0.25D steps)
Add Powers: Low:+0.75D to +1.50D spectacle Add
High:+1.75D to +2.50D spectacle Add
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Center Thickness: Varies with power (0.070mm at -3.00D)
Visibility Tint: Light blue
Replacement Schedule: Monthly replacement
Modality: Daily wear and extended wear up to 30 days*


Bausch + Lomb


Additional information


High (+1.75D to 2.50D), Low (+0.75D to +1.50D)


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