CooperVision® Biofinity® XR

CooperVision® Biofinity® XR


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CooperVision® Biofinity® XR lenses are designed for extreme prescriptions so even more of the myopic and hyperopic patients can experience the comfort and clarity of Biofinity contact lenses. With Biofinity’s proven lens material, design, and fitting approach you can feel confident that Biofinity XR is suitable for your patients that haven’t been able to wear contact lenses or are dissatisfied with their current brand. Biofinity XR is also an ideal way to upgrade existing extended range hydrogel wearers to the latest silicone hydrogel lens technology.


Biofinity XR is the only extended range monthly contact lens brand with Aquaform Technology. This technology makes the lens material highly breathable so more oxygen reaches the eyes, helping keep them clearer and whiter with less irritation. It also ensures that the lenses are naturally and uniformly wettable for smoothness and comfort, and maintains softness and flexibility for more gentle wear from the first day to the last.

Who Should Wear?

Are you nearsighted or farsighted to such a degree that vision correction with contact lenses has been difficult to find? If so, CooperVision® Biofinity® XR (extended range) sphere lenses may be the answer.

Naturally wettable
Optimized ballast design
Low modulus and high Dk
Daily & extended wear up to 6 nights/7 days

Material / H20 content comfilcon A / 48%
Replacement schedule Monthly
Oxygen transmissibility 128 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
Extended wear Yes
Revenue carton size 3-pack blisters
Design Asphere front surface
Base curve 8.6
Diameter 14
Sphere power +8.00D to +15.00D
-12.50D to -20.00D
(0.50D steps)
Wearing schedule Daily or up to 29 nights continuous





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